Home lightning systems

SUNRAYS Solar has developed the latest,most innovative and easiest to use Solar Home Lighting Kit. Its so easy to use and install that we at sunrays have the vision to cater his product to every rural household and to anyone out there looking for emergency Solar Lights. These are lightweight and easy to carry and can be a part of the camping kit for people who are into adventure sports.  We have developed a product which is cheaper, easier to use and long lasting than any conventional lighting unit in the market. Apart from this we also want them to be proud of their possession and have introduced some fancy things like

a)      All lights can be remote controlled. This is  a first and will ensure that rural homes are more advanced and energy efficient than urban homes.

b)      All lights have dimming option(three levels 100%/50%/10%) so that battery duration can be managed by customer as per his need.

c)      The latest lithium ion battery technology is used to power the lights and give back up. Lithium battery can be charged faster and are environment friendly compared to lead acid batteries. Lithium batteries can give good backup for upto 4-5 years,

d)      Its the easiest system to install.

e)      Comes with a one year guarantee for any manufacturing defects

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